Guhen’s new site has been created!

Latest Info: I have recently started to be online on Facebook at I will use this site to make my online presence more global and available for the international audience.

I intend to also shortly become more active active on LinkedIn at


This new site “A Psychonaut’s Monolog” has been created to introduce Guhen Kitaoka’s recent activities as an executive life coach.

Please refer to the “Definition” page to know why such “controversial” words as “Psychonautics” and “Psychonaut” were chosen for this site.

Guhen intends to start to publish his online newsletter through this site in the near future.

PS: By the way, my writing on this Web site will not be made subject to proofreading for the moment, mainly because of its sheer volume. Nonetheless, I believe that my English sentences will hopefully prove to be sufficiently legible and intelligible style-wise and syntax-wise, though they would inevitably contain a certain number of typos and errors.

I would be most grateful, if the readers of these site pages would be able to let me know possible corrections via the “Contact” page, for which I thank you in advance.

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