The reason why I have left the Japanese market

I have been exclusively active in the Japanese market since I came back to this native country of mine in 2001, after having spent some 20 years abroad including London, the UK (for 15 years).

I have since taught “integral epistemology” to over 2,000 Japanese NLPes, etc., but have in the recent years come to the firm conclusion that the Japanese people in general cannot “change (or ‘virtualize’ for that matter) their reality,” practically meaning that they cannot change their inner models of the world at all, even with the most powerful consciousness altering tool, i.e., NLP.

I believe that the biggest reason among others for this extremely sad and unfortunate fact is that “Counter-culture” of the sixties, which I believe was the important philosophical background for the birth of NLP, and which has been apparently bearing their “belated” fruit in the Western world in the form of such modern innovative companies as Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Tesla having held hegemony in the global business world, of “28 States having legalized cannabis,” and of even the recent “Me Too” movement in the Hollywood industry, has been totally lacking, or has never existed in the first place, in the Japanese society.

When I came back to this country in 2001, where everything related to mental treatment, including personal development, therapy, counseling, psychiatry, etc., seemed to be at least 50 years behind the States, I already knew that my audacious endeavor to “wake up” my countrymen was going to be a rather tough work, but was then unable to foresee the innate “absurdity” of this naive “mission impossible” of mine.

The last straw on the camel’s back happened to me a few years ago, when I was personally mentoring a Japanese student with fairly sufficient experiential knowledge of NLP:

He then said to me, as part of a role play, that he was going to have a very tough meeting with his business counterparts. I asked him what he should do prior to the meeting. He suggested that he could do an Anchoring (i.e., conditional reflex) related exercise to access and maintain his positive mental state, in the corridor before entering the meeting room. I said “bravo.” Next, I asked him what he should do if the meeting has gone terribly wrong. He then suggested that he could again do an Anchoring related exercise to change his memory of the incident for the better after he comes back home. I again said “bravo.”

Yet, when I asked him “How about doing a similar exercise ‘in the middle’ of having that tough meeting?,” he replied that he had NEVER thought of such a possibility. I couldn’t believe my ears then, and still cannot even today. Have such mind altering tools as NLP not been created precisely in order for people to change their “on-going” behavioral patterns in their real life?

I beg the readers of my current message to help me to understand why an NLP student can dare to make such an inconceivable “anti-raison d’être” comment, all the more because a few number of my students having spent tens of thousands of dollars to take part in my certification courses used to say to me rather very proudly “Some months have passed since I was certified by you, and I now have forgotten literally everything you had taught me in the courses.”

I think that it goes without saying that the above discussion is closely related to the very reason why Japan has not produced, and is not producing, any genuine “innovators” of the caliber of the CEO’s of the modern innovative companies mentioned above in the business world.

I think that something has been going fundamentally wrong in the Japanese educational system – I was rather fortunate about the fact that I was absent in this country from 1981 to 2001 – and have come to the conviction that, unless Counter-culture itself, or its very spirit at the least, is decently introduced to Japan, it would sooner or later cease to exist as an independent country (there may exist good conspiracy theories to explain this quite feasible possibility).

I have recently started Youtube dialog talk sessions on Counter-culture, and broadcasted a dozen of filmed sessions, but have very recently decided to, say, “desert my country,” and a few days ago declared to my online newsletter readers that I was going to enter “eternal silence” in Japanese (!).

That is the very reason why I have come to be formally active in English on this Facebook page.

I hope that there will be a great number of intelligent and intellectual people worldwide who may be interested in my own direct experiences with Japanese people during the last 16 years or so, as someone who used to spend a number of years abroad, who has a rather Westernized mind, and who can see both sides of the fence.

I believe that I will be able to assist Western people to understand the mind of Japanese and/or Oriental people, as a cross-cultural communication consultant, to better their inter-cultural communication with their Oriental counterparts.

I also have successfully “modeled” Western people who can virtualize their reality, and developed a learnable exercise designed for achieving this skill, so that people who cannot “change their reality” may be able to start to do so. I do hope that many of the readers of my current message may be interested in such an unheard-of exercise.

BTW, when I mentioned this exercise developed by myself to my mentor, John Grinder, a co-founder of NLP, a couple of years ago, while telling him “I wonder whether Western people who are naturally good at virtualizing their reality may start to make fun of me, saying ‘Why does such a thing which even a baby is already possibly doing need to be made explicit as a learnable exercise?’,” he kindly said to me that, although other Westerners may indeed deride me, he himself would like to say “Bravo” to congratulate my epistemological achievement.

I now intend to post my thoughts on the issue in question to this page on a regular basis.

Note: The above is a duplication of my message posted to my Facebook page in English.

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