I was contacted by a person I taught NLP in London in 1995!

Latest Info: After the current message was posted to Facebook, one of my contacts (an American executive business person) sent his message to FB, saying “Kitaoka-san is great! He may well have more experience with NLP than anyone in Japan. I encourage anyone living in Tokyo who is interested to learn more about NLP to or coaching to check out his “Services” page on his blog and reach out to him directly.  http://www.psychonautics.info/?page_id=23.”

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As soon as I became formally active on the Facebook page, someone whom I knew in London during the early nineties contacted me (!), and I had a very interesting communication with this person.

He said “I remember the work you did with me in 1995. You made a significant contribution to my life. I still have the books I got from you.”

It turned out that these books were my workshop manual “Effective Communicator’s Manual” and my essay “NLP and Spirituality.”

Also, he asked me “Are you getting people enlightened?” and “How do Japanese people find your Self-realization work?” I gave him the following comments:

“1) I think that Japanese people seem not to be able to understand ‘my Self-realization work’ in a true sense, mainly because ‘Counter-culture’ has not been existing in the Japanese society, as I mentioned in my latest Facebook message.

2) I am not sure whether I was making this explicit around 1995 when I gave sessions to you, but I have been maintaining at least for the last 20 years the position that NLP itself CANNOT enable people to get enlightened, but that it enables them to ‘duplicate and maintain’ the state of enlightenment for 86,400 seconds a day, if and only if they have achieved the very state through other methods than NLP itself.

3) In this sense, I have been describing myself as an ‘in-brain drug dispenser’ who can help people who have already experienced the state of enlightenment to ‘perpetually reproduce’ exactly the same ratio of different neurotransmitters such as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin, as that which their brains were secreting in the very state of consciousness.

I make this claim, on the undeniable assumption that, as far as people who are experiencing the state of enlightenment are ‘alive,’ they must necessarily be secreting a specific ratio of neurotransmitters in their brains.

This means that my recent study and discoveries related to human consciousness have enabled me to successfully ‘model’ the state of enlightenment and to ‘duplicate’ it in the daily life on a perpetual basis.

(Of course, it goes without saying that, if the state of enlightenment can be duplicated on a perpetual basis, any other states of consciousness also can.)

I do hope that you will find this claim of mine interesting and hopefully fascinating.

It is to propagate my teaching world-wide that I have started to be formally active in English.

4) My recent teaching derives from the CD-ROM book entitled ‘CYBERBOOK:An Integral Epistemology for Enlightenment’ I wrote and published in London in 2000, part of which is uploaded at:


I think that you have never seen this book.

(I intend to start to sell the full version of this book from this site in the near future.)

6) I now would like to promote myself seriously on my English Facebook and my blog.

I also intend to start to publish an English online newsletter ‘Integral Epistemology for Enlightenment’ through the blog in the near future.”

After those comments I gave him, I spoke with him via WhatsApp for a couple of hours. I may talk about this interesting chat of mine with him in my forthcoming Facebook messages.

Note: The above is a duplication of my message posted to my Facebook page in English.

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