Guhen’s online newsletter in English has been published!

My online newsletter in English has finally begun to be published.

The first issue of the newsletter is entitled “What is ‘Mental Samatha-Vipasana’ as ‘Post-Mindfulness’ meditation?”, and the second issue “Isolation Tank, Amygdala, and Hermes Trismegistus” has also been simultaneously published at:

I expounded in these issues of the newsletter how my recent work as as an “innovation modeling consultant” can assist would-be innovators, entrepreneurs, inventors, etc., who are seeking innovation to come up with more and more innovative ideas beyond their conscious expectation, by offering them a comprehensive package of innovation-inducing know-hows which I have accumulated and condensed for the last thirty or so years, so that they may continuously be able to “get out of their own existing boxes” and become genuine innovators.

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