Videos filmed at the first EPM evening workshop on the 31th August have been published!

Two video clips extracted from the whole video filmed at the first EPM evening workshop delivered on the 31h August have been uploaded to:

In the first clip above, a participant of the workshop indicated that he had come to be interested in Guhen Kitaoka’s workshop, because he had been seeking someone who might be continuing the legacy of such altered states of consciousness related works as advanced by Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary and Alan Watts, all of whom are now dead.

Also, another participant asked Guhen whether I believed in such a model and/or a representation of the reality as “Neuro-logical Levels.” I answered with a categorical negative.

In the second clip above, when Guhen was in the middle of delivering a demo exercise with the “Neuro-logical Level Alignment” model, he began to explain what the “Meta Position,” which corresponds with the “Witness” of the Vedanta philosophy, is.

When he indicated that one can endlessly regress along the line of a series of meta positions to forever continue to further and further “disidentify” with oneself, a participant pertinently pointed out that that must be the meaning of “Turtles All the Way Down.”

BTW, those who will browse these video clips will hopefully come to recognize that, despite his Japanese accent, Guhen has a “fairly good” command of English syntax-wise and grammar-wise.

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