The following messages are recommendations sent by the people who personally well know the character and works of Guhen Kitaoka.


* Message sent from John Grinder, a co-founder of NLP, California, USA:

“I have had the strange and marvelous experience of working with Guhen Kitaoka for over 20 years. Most recently, Guhen coordinated the design and presentation of a number of courses in Japan with myself and Ms. Carmen Bostic. His ability to think outside the box is excellent and his deep knowledge of both Western and Eastern philosophies gives an enormous depth and breadth to his understanding of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He is qualified in both Classic Code and New Code NLP and has a long history of provoking, stimulating and guiding his clients to an operational competency with respect to the patterns of both.”

(Please note that it was Guhen who was implemental in inviting John Grinder to Japan to teach NLP in 2005, enabling a-co-founder of NLP to come to the country for the very first time, on the basis of his close friendship with him since 1988.)


* Message sent from Tarka Leslie King, a co-owner of Castle Leslie, Co. Monaghan, Ireland:

“I have known Mr. Kitaoka since the beginning of the nineties. Mr. Kitaoka has been a frequent guest at my family home, Castle Leslie, to which he brought a number of Japanese intellectuals and dignitaries during the nineties, when he was still based in the UK. I understand that the principle interest of the visiting academics was the fact that I am a cousin of Sir Winston Churchill, and at the castle we have a large archive, and a great deal of personal memorabilia at one time owned by him.

In December 1990, I travelled to Japan with my colleagues and Mr. Kitaoka, at the invitation of the Japanese government, to a number of cultural events. We were accompanied at all time by Mr. Kitaoka, whose humor, integrity, and diligence made the visit a great success.

I cannot recommend Mr. Kitaoka more highly. He has, over the years, been a firm friend to whom I have introduced my family and a wide circle of friends.”

(Please note that Guhen and Mr King, whom Guhen still liaises with, were involved in the dispatching of the International Rescue Corps (IRC) from the UK to Japan when there was the Kobe Earthquake in 1995. A few months later, when a governmental representative came to the UK to hand a thank-you letter from the Japanese Government to the Princess Royal who was the Patron of IRC, Guhen served as an interpreter and co-ordinator at the ceremony. You can have a look at the news article reporting this event and Mr King’s letter by clicking here.)


* Message sent from Matthew Fitzthomas Rogers, Art Director, London, UK:

“I have always considered Guhen Kitaoka’s teachings something that would appeal globally. Japan has been somewhat behind the times in regards to his methods and it seems to me that Guhen has almost pioneered the methods of meta-culture and ultra polysensual cognitive understanding within Japan. Certainly most teachers I have encountered have been European – but that is perhaps my ignorance, and in fact if I think about it, Japan is historically a very spiritual country and therefore almost certainly has a wealth of teachers relating to the cognitive sciences.

Regardless of this, I feel Guhen is one of the first who has embraced a global understanding through his mastering of foreign languages and extensive travel, combined with his far more open-minded approach to all of those compared to the average Japanese person. Therefore, it would be perhaps interesting for him to make his online presence even more global by sending his messages out in (at least) more English.“