Profile: Guhen Kitaoka, as a cross-cultural communication consultant, innovation modeling consultant, and life coach 

Guhen now works, as an innovation modeling consultant, in the international communities, especially for the English speaking markets, for both foreign and Japanese clients who need to improve their international communication skills, using his long standing know-how of cross-cultural communication, as well as his extensive international experiences in the areas of personal development, therapy, NLP, and coaching.

He contributes to the enhancement of his clients’ personal skills both in Japan and abroad, as a “life coaching” session giver and and/or independent consultant, to the solution of their day-to-day problems in their business and/or private environment, and to the securement of their mental wellness, all the more because he is also versed in Eastern meditational skills of Japan and India.


Professional Career

June 2017:       Currently I am providing my consultancy services to the Western people and companies based in Japan as an executive couch, cross-cultural communications consultant, and/or innovation modeling consultant, by exploiting my know how I have acquired in the foreign countries in the last 30 years.

June 2009:          Office Kitaoka Inc., was founded in Tokyo, Japan. As the head of the NLP Integral Association, a department of Office Kitaoka, I have held 40-plus NLP certification courses. I have taught a total of well over 1,500 people to date.

2002 to 2007:      I held the post of the head of the Japan NLP Academy (formerly the NLP Academy in UK, the Japanese School) based in Tokyo. I was implemental in inviting John Grinder to Japan to teach NLP in 2005 and 2007, enabling a-co-founder of NLP to come to the country for the very first time, on the basis of my close friendship with him since 1988.

From 2002:       I moved my base from UK to Japan, and began to teach NLP and to hold NLP certification courses in the Japanese market, as well as a series of business and non-business workshops.

August 2001:      Intensive NLP training for the sales representatives and managers of the Japanese branch of DAKO company in Denmark.

Up to 2001:         Business communications consultant for British (European) companies dealing with the Japanese market in Europe and in Japan, helping them to improve their communications skills with their Japanese clients.

Up to 2001:         EDT (Enhancing Development Training) Training for clients spanning varied professions, such as artists, alternative medicine practitioners, sports people, senior managers and management consultants.

Up to 2001:         Translation and consultancy work for various clients including Linguaphone, Ernst & Young, BT, NTT (Nippon Telephone and Telegraph), Nokia, Tenfore (a Danish company developing with IBM and NBC a post-Internet system of satellite/optic fibre/PC communication), the British Ministry of Defence (computer engineering), the secretary to the Minister of the Economic Planning Agency in Japan, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Japanese Embassy in London, the Church of England and the Princess Royal.

1995:                   I started my own UK London based company, Creativity Enhancement Ltd. The honorary chairman of the company is a relative of Winston Churchill.

April 1995:          Co-ordination and interpretation for the British Nuclear Fuel Limited (BNFL). The presidents of the seven Japanese electric power companies were invited to the inauguration event of BNFL at the Thorp re-treatment plant. This event included a cocktail party hosted by John Major at Downing Street and a dinner party held by Michael Heseltine at the Banqueting House.

April 1995:          Interpretation for a representative of the Japanese Government who handed thank you letters for the activity of IRC in Kobe to the Princess Royal, Patron of IRC. I since worked also for the Pathfinders, the umbrella organisation of IRC.

January 1995:    Co-ordination for the Japanese Government to invite the International Rescue Corps (IRC) to come to Japan to rescue victims of the Kobe Earthquake.

1989 to 1993:      I worked for an Anglo-Japanese investment consortium whose clients included Tate, Dunhill, Max Mosley (the president of FISA of Formula One), F1 Team Williams, Nigel Mansell’s F3000 racing team, and Fuji TV in Japan.

From Nov. 1989: Free-lance consultant, trainer and interpreter.

1987 to 1989:      JAL Trading UK Ltd., London (part of Japan Airlines): Administration, New Business and Marketing.

1986:                   I started to live in London, UK with a work permit.

1981 to 1986:      French-Japanese interpreter in Algeria, North Africa for Mitsui Ship Construction, Marubeni Corporation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, etc. (A total of 36 months)


Academic Career

2013:     Currently Member of the Society of NLP. Also, Member of the Association for NLP (ANLP) in Britain.
2002:     Trainer of NLP certified by the NLP University in California USA (organized by Robert Dilts & Judith DeLozier). Also authorized by the NLPU as Senior Trainer entitled to holding NLPU Practitioner courses (the number of the trainers holding this certificate is 21 in the world).
1995:     Licensed Trainer of NLP, the Society of NLP (Richard Bandler), Munich.
1989:     Graduated from the School of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (SHAP) in London.
1989:     Certified Master Practitioner of the Art of NLP, Grinder, DeLozier & Associates, California, USA.
1988:     Certified Practitioner of the Art of NLP, GDA, California, USA.
1985:     Dehypnotherapy (a 7 months psychotherapeutic course) in Oregon, USA.
1982:     Diplome Superieur, Alliance Francaise (French language), Paris.
1981:     Institut Franco-japonais (French language), Tokyo.
1981:     B.A. degree, the Faculty of Letters of Waseda University, Tokyo.