latest Info: Due to the current worldwide Covid 19 situation, Guhen has recently been delivering his life coaching sessions almost exclusively via online Zoom line.

Guhen has recently been working as a life coach for both Japanese exclusive clients and English speaking executives based in Tokyo, teaching them a set of powerful psychological and meditative tools enabling them to “continually get out of their own boxes (mind, frames of reference, models of the worlds, presuppositions, etc.) and to expand their own identities and consciousness on a perpetual basis.”

Examples of the services Guhen provides his clients with are shown below:

A) Consultation Service for Executives Needing to Do Business with Japanese Counterparts

Based on his experience of having stayed abroad for twenty years and his linguistic abilities, Guhen offers extensive and comprehensive coaching and “cross-cultural communication” consulting services for executives who need to be engaged in business with their Japanese counterparts.

Guhen’s consultation activities in this area include 1) case-by-case practical advice from the point of view of cross-cultural communication based on Guhen’s past know-how and experiential knowledge, 2) coaching as to how to quickly establish rapport with Japanese counterparts and/or clients, 3) advice as to how to understand the rather “illogical,” emotion-oriented mind of Japanese people, 4) interpretation service at negotiation meetings with Japanese clients, 5) similar assistance for in-house staff members, and so forth.

B) “Mental Toughness” Work for Overcoming Various Mental Problems 

Guhen himself used to suffer from the “borderline personality disorder” syndromes when he was young, which derived from the severe traumatic experiences he had when he was put in institutes for disabled children (he had got cerebral palsy when he was four months old).

It was none other than NLP that eventually successfully enabled him to eradicate all of these traumas and syndromes once and for all, and this is how Guhen now can help people suffering from various mental problems and/or under severe pressure from their daily business to secure their mental toughness to effectively deal with any stressful situations.

C) Innovation Modeling Work: A Secret for Getting out of Your Own Box

Guhen has been studying and practicing for the last 30 years a “methodology for getting out of one’s own boxes and for expanding one’s own identity and consciousness,” integrating the Western psychology with the Eastern mysticism.

He recently discovered that the “cognitive expansionism” embraced by the modern European Empires has brought a series of discoveries and explorations of unknown territories, such as the American Continent, California during the Gold Rush period, nuclear power, space travel, “the territory of expanded consciousness” during the sixties’ Counter-culture revolution, as well as “Cyberspace” starting different revolutions in the fields of IT, VR, AI, genetic engineering, molecular biology, etc., from the late nineties.

Guhen thinks that all the CEO’s of modern mega enterprises in the States such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Tesla, have been “children” of this tradition of “cognitive expansionism,” and he, as an innovation modeling consultant, will thus be able assist his executive clients to become innovative always with new ideas, based on his own “cognitive expansionist methodology.”

D) Private Life Coaching for Those Who Want to Perpetually Enter the “Zone” States

Business executives frequently tend to make judgements as to whether their own daily decisions are the right ones, by contacting their “higher self,” while having recourse to such techniques as Yoga, meditation, fasting, exercise under a waterfall, Tarot, and/or fortune-telling.

Through Guhen’s NLP and/or trance work, his clients can come to manage their own mental states solely within their own head, without depending on any outer factors at all, and thus to directly communicate with their unconscious mind (or “Something Great”), so that they may freely enter the zone states and continue to contact their higher self.

A “zone” state is a sort of trance state, in which, once they are in, athletes, musicians or artists are said to be able to exhibit their highest level of performance possible. Because one’s intuition is purely experienced without any conscious intervention, executives in a zone state will be able to more easily discover the corporate vision and/or strategies genuinely sought after by them, improve their communication skills with their customers, which will lead to possible increased sales, and continue to produce innovative ideas in the current ever-changing and more and more confused society.

Guhen’s private life coaching thus enables business executives to solve their own internal problems found in their daily life, in order for them to be able to implement their business management in a more coherent way, by balancing their left brain oriented logics with their right brain oriented intuition.

E) Life Coaching for Achieving “Self-Realization”

Guhen used to live in a cul-de-sac situation with no escape, deriving from the severe traumas he had had during his childhood, and, in order to get out of the perpetual predicament, was initiated by an Indian guru on the West Coast in 1983. Since then, he has been seeking “spiritual self-realization,” through various consciousness-altering tools, including meditation and NLP.

In that process, he has come to experience what is regarded as the highest human consciousness, through his extensive study of Indian philosophies such as Advaita Vedanta. According to this branch of ancient philosophy, the highest human consciousness is related to the discovery of our “real self,” and, for that matter, should turn out to be what is “immortal” in our self, that which all human beings are seeking, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. In fact, Guhen has found that various techniques based on the NLP model of “Meta Position,” meaning “Witness,” can enable the ultimate state of human consciousness in question to be explicitly enhanced in a perpetual way.

Guhen can offer a set of step-by-step “esoteric” know-hows to those who are interested in achieving their own self-realization, and thus in discovering their real self and “immortality.”

If you are interested in Guhen’s life coaching sessions, then please contact him through the Contact page of this site.

Thank you.

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