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“A Psychonaut’s Monolog” Online Newsletter Backnumbers

Vol.014: 2020.9.13
“About Ken Wilber’s Quadrant model”
Vol.013: 2020.8.15
“What happened to Guhen during his silence for the last 18 months?”
Vol.012: 2019.1.9
“EPM FAQ #7”
Vol.011: 2018.11.21
“EPM FAQ #6”
Vol.010: 2018.10.20
“EPM FAQ #5”
Vol.009: 2018.9.24
“EPM FAQ #4”
Vol.008: 2018.9.17
“EPM FAQ #3”
Vol.007: 2018.9.4
“EPM FAQ #2”
Vol.006: 2018.8.29
“FAQ: ‘EPM (Expansive Psychology Method)'”
Vol.005: 2018.8.26
“Where does ‘EPM (Expansive Psychol ogy Method)’ come from?”
Vol.004: 2018.8.15
“‘Expansive Psychology Method (EPM)’ Work for Those Who Seek Innovation Mentorship”
Vol.003: 2018.5.27
“A Study of the Human Subjective Experience in Quest of Innovation”
Vol.002: 2018.4.24
“Isolation Tank, Amygdala, and Hermes Trismegistus”
Vol.001: 2018.4.24
“What is ‘Mental Samatha-Vipasana’ as ‘Post-Mindfulness’ meditation?”