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Vol 010: 2018.10.20

"A Psychonaut's Monolog" Online Newsletter

Guhen Kitaoka, as a psychonaut versed both in Western psychology
and in Eastern philosophy, expounds "An Integral Epistemology
for Enlightenment," as a new methodology for perpetuating
the ultimate state of human consciousness.

"EPM FAQ #5"

Latest Info 1: Guhen's second "EPM (Expansive Psychology Method)" workshop in English was held on the 28th September.

The third EPM evening workshop is scheduled to be held on the 26th October.

The details of the third workshop are shown at:

Latest Info 2: A video clip showing my presentation at the second EPM workshops held in September has been uploaded at:

Latest Info 3: The full list of the EPM FAQ questions can be browsed at:

Following the recent issues of the current online newsletter, I would like to continue, in this issue, to answer a wide range of FAQ questions related to my EPM workshops.

<< EPM FAQ #5 >>

Q15: I heard that you have been recently going through a deep self-transformation.

A15: Yes. Some personal incident happened to me a few weeks ago, which made me go through a long process of self-transformation.

I think that this kind or level of profound self-transformation has not occurred to me for the last 35 years, since my initiation by an Indian guru on the West Coast in 1983.

This process has been further deepened by my having started to continue to self-apply the "Discover Your Peak Experience" technique, which I introduced as a demo exercise during the second workshop held in September, and which I will expound in the next FAQ.

This self-transformation has been so thorough that I have not been able to prepare myself to write this current issue of my newsletter until today.

Also, one of my old friends from my London time told me, when we had a video link conversation some time ago, "Guhen, you are too much Indian philosophy oriented, and are not connected with the mundane down-to-earth world." I think that the self-transformation I have been going through is something which can remedy this "shortcoming" of mine.

Q16: Could you expound the mechanism of your recent exercise entitled "Discover Your Peak Experience?"

A16: I introduced this technique as a demo exercise during the second workshop held in September, and have been self-applying it to myself to "clear up" my own more and more minute "unfinished businesses," which may have been lingering deep in the depth of my psyche.

This technique has been devised by me with a piece of advice given by one of my advisers, and is based on the technique "Discover Your Telos (Life Purpose)," which I have developed myself in the recent years.

The mechanism of the technique consists of your discovering your own Telos, subsequently assimilating the related state of consciousness in yourself, and finally looking back on what you previously thought were problems in your daily life from the new vantage point of that state.

While practicing this exercise, the daily problems can be totally "reframed" to begin to have completely different meanings, and become "something manageable" for one to start a more and more creative and productive life.

I have a few remarks to make in connection with this technique:

1) This technique enables the practitioner to start to always "think from" his or her Telos, i.e., from within the perspective of it, instead of "thinking of" his or her Telos, i.e., from outside the perspective of it. The "think from/think of" distinction is something I learnt from Nevill Goddard, who was an important New Thought thinker, and who I understand was the teacher of another well known New Thought thinker, Joseph Murphy.

2) I have been claiming that Japanese people who have not known the "Western Young Culture" have not been able to "relativize" their inner reality.

Yet, I have come to the conviction that, if they can go through the "Discover Your Peak Experience" process (i.e., discovering their Telos, subsequently assimilating the related state of consciousness in them, and finally looking back on what they previously thought were problems from the new vantage point of that state), especially while they are hypnotized, then even they could relativize their inner reality.

I had previously thought that the use of hypnosis for the people going through this process is rather inconsequential for the process to be effective, but, through my adviser's advice, came to be convinced that Japanese people would be greatly benefitted from this exercise under hypnosis, so that they may be able to start to change their inner reality in a way they they want.

3) In the process of devising this technique, I have come to a very important insight that, Telos which belongs to the world of metaphysics cannot be realized at all by anything which belongs to the world of physics.

In other words, though we tend to think that, if we become materially rich, etc., we will be able to achieve our life purpose of blissfulness, etc., such a metaphysical or immaterial purpose can never be realized by any material means found on the physical world.

Further, a metaphysical or immaterial purpose can be identified as a state of consciousness, while all the behaviors to try to fulfill the purpose are nothing but "dead" programmings we used to create in the past, which after all can intrinsically never fulfill it (because behaviors exist on the physical plane, and the purpose on the metaphysical plane).

It appears that Telos is something innately existing inside ourselves, and is something which is to be directly accessed or rediscovered by us, as a natural part of ourselves.

That is, Telos is like the blue sky which always existed, exists and will exist, and what needs to be done is to get rid of all the clouds (noises) covering it, by such means as the "Discover Your Peak Experience" technique.

If you find the above exposition interesting, please consider attending my third workshop to be held on the 26th October, where I intend to introduce this technique to the work audience.

Q17: Please comment on hypnosis and meditation.

A17: As I indicated in the FAQ16, I have until recently been of the opinion that hypnosis is rather immaterial for NLP like exercises to turn out to be effective, but, in the process of devising the "Discover Your Peak Experience" technique, came to think that the use of hypnosis would be extremely powerful.

If I look back on the history of how NLP was born, I think that those who came to learn NLP must have gone through the process of relativizing their inner reality by such means as meditation, hypnosis, therapy and altered states of consciousness (ASC), and that they therefore must already have been able to start to easily apply the "NLP formulas" (by this, I mean content-free exercises/techniques of NLP) in their so called real life immediately - this is at least what happened to me personally, when I started to learn NLP during the late eighties.

On the contrary, it may be natural that such people who have not extensively experienced meditation, hypnosis, therapy or ASC, as Japanese people, have some great difficulty to do the same in the process of their learning NLP.

I now am of the firm opinion that this cultural gap can be filled, if Japanese people are taught the "Discover Your Peak Experience" technique, while they are hypnotized.

In this sense, while I had thought until recently that NLP's "future pacing" (a kind of mental rehearsing) may be a rather redundant part of the NLP exercises, I now think that it can play the most crucial role for people who cannot relativize their inner reality to come to be able to do so.

As for meditation, when I very recently taught the "Discover Your Peak Experience" technique to one of my executive clients, I said to him "In order to maintain the state of consciousness (that is, Telos) your are currently experiencing, I think that meditation must turn out to be extremely powerful."

To his question "Why," I answered that the major purpose of meditation is for one to disidentify oneself from the five Neurological Levels a la NLP (Environment, Behavior, Capabilities, Beliefs, and Identity) or the five Sheaths a la Vedanta (Body, Energy, Memory, Intellect, and Blissfulness), and that it will facilitate one's process of clearing up all the clouds or noises covering the blue sky like Pure Consciousness which we innately are in the first place.

That is, when we disidentify ourselves from all the past programmings, we really become free.

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