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"A Psychonaut's Monolog" Online Newsletter

Guhen Kitaoka, as a psychonaut versed both in Western psychology
and in Eastern philosophy, expounds "An Integral Epistemology
for Enlightenment," as a new methodology for perpetuating
the ultimate state of human consciousness.

"EPM FAQ #7"

Latest Info 1: Guhen's fifth "EPM (Expansive Psychology Method)" workshop in English will be held on the 30th January.

The exercise "Perpetuate Your Peak Experience" will be introduced during the work.

The details of the fifth workshop are shown at:

Latest Info 2: Video clips extracted from the whole videos filmed at the past EPM evening workshops have been uploaded to: (From the workshop #4) (From the workshop #4) (From the workshop #2) (From the workshop #1) (From the workshop #1)

Please note that the first two video clips above have been made public just a few days ago.

Latest Info 3: The full list of the EPM FAQ questions can be browsed at:

Following the recent issues of the current online newsletter, I would like to continue, in this issue, to answer a wide range of FAQ questions related to my EPM workshops.

<< EPM FAQ #7 >>

Q19: Please kindly comment on your recent "epistemological" discoveries, if any.

A19: My recent biggest discovery, which is the "elusive obvious" a la Moshe Feldenkrais, is, as I commented in the FAQ18 of the last edition of this online newsletter, that the peak experience which can be accessed through my "Perpetuate Your Peak Experience" exercise can never be materialized by any behavioral programmings.

In fact, I now think that the peak experience belongs to the world of "Purusa" (pure consciousness), while the behavioral programmings belong to the world of "Prakriti" (the phenomenal world).

(If I am to be strictly exact, the world of "Purusa" is related to the "Pure Witeness" of Vedanta philosophy or the "Meta Position" of NLP, and therefore, precisely speaking, the peak experience, which is a human state of mind, cannot be part of Purusa. It is rather on the border between Purusa and Prakriti.

I have also discovered in my teaching of NLP for the last 18 years in Japan that the students of NLP tended not to be able to fully experience the pure happiness for one reason or another. It is obvious that my teaching to go beyond happiness and unhappiness to access the blissful state, which is characteristic of Purusa, may not be pertinently understood by such students. And that is why I have started to make my Japanese clients to experience such a euphoric state as pure happiness through the "Perpetuate Your Peak Experience" exercise. I have come to the conclusion that, once one can fully taste the pure happiness, only then one may have a chance to want to transcend happiness and unhappiness to arrive at the blissful state.

BTW, in this connection, I have very recently noticed that one of the participants who had attended my past workshops "blamed" me in one of his Facebook messages by saying "There is a 'self-claimed' enlightened teacher who boasts himself to have experienced the Kundalini energy arising, which he claims to be one of the most important euphoric experiences. I think that his very clinging to such an experience shows the lack of clarity in his thinking."

Well, I find that nothing is the farthest from my epistemological position as a stern non-dualistic Shankarite than this gentleman's comment.)

I can categorically reiterate that the peak experience is something which one can enter at any time if one only desires to do so, while the behavioral programmings as "unfinished businesses" can intrinsically never achieve that state of mind.

Also, the "Perpetuate Your Peak Experience" exercise is so powerful that, once one clears certain programmings (unfinished businesses), they would never come back to one's mind again, though one still needs to continue to clear other more and more minor and minute programmings (unfinished businesses) which were hidden behind the already cleared (major) programmings (unfinished businesses).

Further, I recently began to use the metaphor of a crystal ball to represent the mechanism of the clearing process of the "Perpetuate Your Peak Experience" exercise:

That is, you have your own transparent and intact crystal ball as your pure consciousness all the way from the moment of your birth. Yet, you have been persuaded into believing that this crystal ball had minor apparent scratches on its surface. And, interestingly, each time one of these ostensible scratches is stimulated by an incoming stimulus, it automatically sends "electric signals" all over the surface of the crystal ball, so that the color of the surface turns into black, grey, purple, red, blue, yellow, etc., while the transparency of the ball itself remains intact.

Of course, if you "think of" the crystal ball, you are forced to identify yourself with one of these colors, while, if you "think from" the ball, then what you have to do is only to prevent the electric signals initiated by an outside stimulus from synchronically propagating all over the surface of the ball, which remains transparent per se. I call this preventive process "clearing of programmings (unfinished businesses)."

BTW, there exists a brilliant CG video which shows how an incoming stimulus stimulates a specific neuron, whose reaction in turn synchronically propagates to the whole neuronal system.

I uploaded this edited video clip to:

What is shown in this simulated video clip is what is actually going on in our brain, and what we believe is our world is only what is going on on our virtual "bio-monitor" as a result of the whole processes of these complicated synaptic firings! (BTW, this "bio-monitor" inside our brain is called the "Global Neuronal Workplace" by a neuroscientist, Stanislas Dehaene.)

In this sense, it is the most ironical and paradoxical, as far I am concerned, that so-called "materialists" seem to firmly believe that what is going on on their virtual in-brain monitor IS the only real thing, while not trying to paying any attention to what is going on in their actual in-brain neuronal systems as "pre-monitor" mechanisms, which are the ONLY real things which exist (!).

I can say that the "Perpetuate Your Peak Experience" exercise enables one to prevent neurons from inadvertently and unnecessarily firing to synchronically propagate their electric signals to all over the brain web. It is obvious that the more one clears the programmings (unfinished businesses) through this exercise, the more one can remain "centered," i.e., be near the pure consciousness, while preventing nearly all synaptic firings in one's brain from happening. This process can be equated with one "thinking from" the pure and transparent crystal ball.

* * * * * * *

Other recent interesting discoveries of mine are concerned with the book "The Feeling of What Happens" authored by Antonio Damasio.

Damasio's study is focused on the relationship between human emotions and consciousness. A couple of Damasio's remarks which I found interesting are the following:

1) Damasio states "Hypnotic suggestions aimed at the emotions that follow pain rather than at pain sensation reduced emotion but not pain sensation and also caused changes in cingulate cortex only; hypnotic suggestions aimed at pain sensation reduced both pain sensation and emotion, and caused functional changes in SI [the primary somatosensory cortex] and in the cingulate cortex." (p75)

2) Damasio further seems to equate one having consciousness with one having emotions, which I thought is extremely interesting.

This book is full of new insights into what Eckhart Tolle calls the "pain body," and I would like to write a review about the book in a future issue of this newsletter.

Further, after having written a draft text for the current issue of the newsletter, some fundamental idea came to me "from the above":

That is, in my study of neuroscience for the last few years, I have come to think that our inner models of the world have been created by our (unconsciously, in most cases) manipulating series of complicated patterns of synaptic firings coming from, and/or among, such a wide range of our in-brain organs as brain stem, basal ganglia, hippocampus, thalamus, hypothalamus, amygdalae, etc. This intricate mutual communication among these in-brain organs can be inferred from the above-mentioned CG video clip.

Well, it dawned to me today that, probably the same thing may be said about our linguistic abilities to have a good command of a certain foreign language (most probably the mother tongue as well) while appropriately manipulating the syntax, grammar, idioms, words, pronunciations, etc. of the language in question. That is, with regard to our human in-brain organs, there seem to me to be the syntax-equivalent organ, the grammar-equivalent organ, the idiom-equivalent organ, etc.

I would like to make it my life work to prove that this hypothesis of mine is pertinent.

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