Online Newsletter: FAQ List

Guhen’s online newsletter in English has begun to be published on this site.

The following is a list showing FAQ's related to Guhen's "EPM (Extensive Psychology Method)" work, which began to be featured from the sixth issue of the newsletter.

“A Psychonaut’s Monolog” Online Newsletter EPM FAQ List

FAQ 019 (Issue #12)
“About Guhen's recent epistemological discoveries”
FAQ 018 (Issue #11)
“About he 'Perpetuate Your Peak Experience' Technique”
FAQ 017 (Issue #10)
“About hypnosis and meditation”
FAQ 016 (Issue #10)
“About the mechanism of the exercise entitled 'Discover Your Peak Experience'”
FAQ 015 (Issue #10)
“I heard that you have been recently going through a deep self-transformation.”
FAQ 014 (Issue #9)
“Please explain what the "Choice Point" is.”
FAQ 013 (Issue #9)
“What is the biggest difference between the Western and
the Japanese NLPers epistemology-wise?/What is the 'RPG Game' model? ”
FAQ 012 (Issue #9)
“what will I be able to obtain from your workshops, if I take part in them?”
FAQ 011 (Issue #8)
“I understand that you heard from John Grinder that he had modeled
how he and Richard Bandler had created NLP.”
FAQ 010 (Issue #8)
“What is your relationship with John Grinder?”
FAQ 009 (Issue #8)
“Was the first EPM evening workshop filmed?”
FAQ 008 (Issue #7)
“I heard that you said in the workshop that there were three co-founders of NLP.”
FAQ 007 (Issue #7)
“What kinds of theories is EPM based on?
FAQ 006 (Issue #7)
“What were 'epistemological' reactions from the attendants of the workshop
to your EPM work?”
FAQ 005 (Issue #7)
“I heard that your presentation at the beginning of the first workshop
rather 'confused' the audience.”
FAQ 004 (Issue #6)
“Do you have any videos about your works and/or presentations?”
FAQ 003 (Issue #6)
“I heard that you sometimes call yourself an 'In-brain Drug Dispenser.'”
FAQ 002 (Issue #6)
“Do you equate 'to get out of one's box' with 'to get "enlightened"?'”
FAQ 001 (Issue #6)
“About the Zen Koan called 'The Goose is Out!'”